Rocktronics Acoustic Pedal

Rocktronics Acoustic Pedal

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The Rockman Acoustic Guitar Pedal can make your electric guitar sound like an acoustic. It can also enhance the sound of your acoustic/electric guitar, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, or anything else with a pickup! By changing the controls you can create your own virtual acoustic guitar.

The brightness can be adjusted to simulate the tonal qualities of guitar tops from spruce to mahogany and you can match the fullness of sound associated with acoustic body sizes ranging from 000 to jumbo. Controls include the following:
`· Volume controls the overall output level.
`· Top controls the high treble frequencies. This is the brightness in your sound.
`· Body controls the low bass frequencies, mimicking the acoustic guitar cavity size.
`· Gain enhances the signal coming into the pedal, controlling the amount of compression available for smooth sustain and even dynamics -- also making up for signal loss.
The ROCK-AP Acoustic Guitar Pedal uses the ROCK-PWB1 AC-Adapter (5.5/2.1mm coax plug 18V DC regulated, negative tip/positive barrel polarity) or two 9V batteries.

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