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701 Adcross Accounts Book with extra analysis & 707 Weekly Accounts Book

Due to the continued popularity of the 707 Accounts book we have created a video guide to show new customers how to use it. Like other account books the 707 weekly accounts book cover Receipts/Sales & Purchases/Expenses for a year. Unlike other books Evrite have provided the 707 weekly Accounts book with Summary of Invoices pages these pages let you list your purchases for the quarter ready for totalling up. The 707 Weekly Accounts book also has Stock Taking sheets for your year end, Creditors & Debtors pages at end of year, VAT Summary pages for all 4 quarters and Wages pages.

Evrite’s 701 Adcross Accounts Book is a hardback (Vinyl Cover) ACCOUNTS BOOK with extra Analysis of payments. The 701 Adcross Accounts book has Receipts & Payments pages for 54 weeks including Weekly wages records and a detachable summary page at the back of the accounts book.  Our Accounts book has VAT Invoice Summary pages, Summary of Creditors / Debtors, Stock and Quarterly Return Records, pages of PAYE and Bank Balances. (The 701 Adcross Accounts book is easy to use like the 707 and contains extra analysis for your payments).

This Accounts book is a favourite of pub owners across the UK. The Evrite 701 Adcross Accounts book is ideal for most small business owners, people running a B&B or small hotel will find the breakdown of purchases/Payments & Expenses very useful. The Adcross Accounts books breakdown of these into lighting, telephone, sundries, rates, insurance and more allows you to see what’s happening at a glance.

Both Account books are fully protected by Evrite Software Limited under Copyright and Tradmark rights.

50+ years of Evrite Accounts Books


A4 Accounts Pads

Analysis Pads are ideal for quickly scribbling down your calculations, they are the original spread sheet. Order an 8 column pad today with headings and 40 rows running across the page or without heading and 53 rows across the page. We have Query & Answer pads and Double Cash Column Pads. All A4 with dust covers for privacy and two hole punched to fit a standard binder, they are glued at the top for easy separation.We have chosen an 80gms paper which is slightly thicker than standard analysis paper to provide a more durable sheet for your workings out.Please leave a comment on our website or email us with suggestions to improve our products, all ideas will be considered.8 Column with 40 / 53 Feints, Double Cash or Query & Answer Pads


A4 Payslips

A4 Payslips / Mailers (Suitable for SAGE, PEGASUS or PLAIN for use with most payroll programs.

Self-Seal Business Payslips require a laser printer or sealing machine, the heat of the printer on the self-seal payslip activates the glue ready for closure immediately while the payslip is still warm off the printer. The payslip will seal securly using the pressure of your hand. A sealing machine will burst the payslips glue molecules when sealing the payslip shut using great pressure, it can do this with a cold or warm self-seal payslip. The Self-seal payslips have no tape to remove. Available in plain or Sage designs, we can print bespoke designs according to your artwork on bulk orders.

Dry-seal Business Payslips are designed for large payroll runs these Payslips do require a sealing machine; the glue on these business payslips is dry to the touch. Pressure from the sealing machine bursts the glue molecules and seals them together. If you produce a lot of payslips for your business then dry-seal are the best payslips, no folding or sealing shut by hand, just fast production at the push of a button. Our dry-seal payslips are available plain on the inside and printed with security hatching on the back. We can print bespoke designs according to your artwork on bulk orders.

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Evrite Accounts Books

Evrite Accounts Books are used extensively throughout the UK. Our Account Books have been improved and updated over the last 50+ years, founded in the 1950's they are the best small business Accounts books.

Please view the video about the Evrite 707 Accounts Book on our website. We have included example pages for each section. Both the 701 Accounts Book with extra analysis and the 707 Accounts Book cover your Account books needs for a full year. Both Accounts books have Receipts and Payments pages for the full year and a Summary of Invoices section, Quarterly VAT Return pages, Creditors & Debtors pages and Stock sheets. Why have 2 or 3 Accounts Books when one Evrite Accounts Book provides the lot.

A4 Account Pads

A4 Account Pads

The Analog range of Analysis Pads are designed by Accountants and used extensively in Administration and Accountancy Practices, We have two eight column pads the 26/8A with headings is our most popular Analysis Pad, the 53/A4 is also an eight column but without the headings. The 34/QA Query & Answer Analysis Pad is also popular, finally our 18/2A double Cash Analysis Pads round out our collection.

A4 Payslips / Mailers

A4 Payslips / Mailers

Evrite supply the following Plain A4 payslips, Sage compatible payslips & Pegasus compatible payslips. All our Payslips have security hatching on the back with a franking band and tamper-proof security slits to prevent someone tampering with them.

Our payslips have reduced jamming from window efficiency improvements preventing multi-sheet feeding. Our payslips seal permanently because of the aggressive adhesive used to create tamper proof security. Evrite’s payslips are made with high quality 100gms Bright white quality stock paper for durability.

Prices are based on Boxes of 1,000

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