Mezzo Burns Dispenser

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The Mezzo burns dispenser is ideal for use in high risk areas or where there is a specific risk of burn injury.


This comprehensive Burns First Aid Kit contains non-adherent and non-toxic contents for treating and soothing burn injuries. 



Guidance Leaflet x 1,  Non-Adherent Dressings x 7

Burn/Wound Lint Pads x 5,  Burn Gels x 2

Conforming Bandages x 3,  Hydrogel Burn Dressings x 2

Sterikool Burn Rolls x 3,  Gloves ( Pairs) x 2

Scissors x 1


Sterikool is made up of 96 parts water, 3 parts Polyvinyl Alcohol and one part Sodium Borate in a non woven carrier. Sterikool reduces pain in partial thickness burns, by protecting the exlosed nerve endings from the environment. Hydrogel moisturies, cools and soothes, minimising trauma and help prevent infection.

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