ActivPen for Promethean Activboard: ACTIVPEN

ActivPen for Promethean Activboard: ACTIVPEN

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Promethean pen ACTIV-PEN for Activboard (NOT for use with ActivBoard 100, 300 & 300PRO Series): Activpen-3, EOL, while stock lasts


Teachers told us they found that touch-sensitive screens could be temperamental. Educational specialists told us children’s writing is best developed by holding and using a pen from a young age. So Promethean designed a unique battery-free, wire-free ActivPen.


ActivPen’s mouse-like functionality and pen-like personality offer come-to-the-board capability
that today’s tech-minded kids know and use well.
Models ActivPen3
Works with All ActivBoards (Does not work with 3rd-party products.)
Connectivity Wireless, battery-free
Dimensions 167mm x 20mm x 23mm (6.57 in x .79 in x .91)
Weight 25g (0.9oz)


What is the ActivPen?
It writes just like a pen ... and acts just like a mouse.  And it’s highly, highly accurate and precise. So you can measure and mark on screen to the millimetre or degree.



Product Note Status Price
Nibs for Activpen3 (pack of 10) NIBSPEN Nibs for Activpen3 (pack of 10) NIBSPEN
£10.00 / unit(s)
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