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The ActivHub enables many of Promethean's products to connect wirelessly. It is a USB device which is plugged directly into a computer allowing the ActivSlate, the ActivRemote, ActiVote and ActivExpression to connect. The ActivBoard 300 Pro, 300 and 100 Ranges can also be connected through the ActivHub as an alternative to the USB connection.

The ActivHub uses ActivAir(TM) which works in a similar way to Bluetooth in that it 'channel hops' to avoid interference. It operates in the same highly, regulated & globally approved 2,4Ghz frequency range as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It works over a range of 100 metres (free space).
Registration to the ActivHub is easy via the ActivManager which is automatically installed with both versions of ActivInspire. Multiple products can be registered in the same way to one ActivHub simultaneously. As the registration data is retained on the ActivHub it facilitates the movement and easy sharing of devices such as ActiVote and ActivExpression.

ActivAir powered products can be added to any existing Promethean setup just by adding the ActivHub. This means everybody can maximise existing Promethean investments.

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