Watchman - Like Neva b4

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Watchman - Like Neva b4
The UK's award-winning ragga artist is very much a man with a mission and some bold messages. On the title cut he claims back "ragga from the gun shooting yardy brother/Redeem the garage from the boy in jail eating porridge" as contemporary forms of gospel music, seeing opportunities that "This is the time like never before/Gospel music playing mainstream radio." Watchman's approach might perhaps be too 'in yer face' for some, but no-one can question his passion and commitment. Track Listing: 1. Doesn't Matter Me 2. Christian Party 3. Like Neva B4 4. Opposites Can Attract 5. Come Rain Or Shine 6. Dance All 7. Materialistic 8. If You Know 9. Put Up Your Hands 10. Wifey 11. Few Good Men 12. Keep On Prayin 13. Bonus- Everybody Somebody