Blush UK - Ear Candy

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Blush UK - Ear Candy
Creating a change in any group’s line up always holds an element of risk but Blush UK’s reduction to a three girl selection (as opposed to the previous four) only seems to have tightened their sound. The six-track EP is dripping in commercial sounding Pop R&B and it’s delivered to the highest standard. The hook on “Rebel Show” has chart hit stamped all over it and the moody Crunk number “Ready To Run” (featuring Watchman) could well be something that R&B super star Cassie would sing over. Lyrically, it’s all geared to address the challenges young people, teenage girls in particular, face. “Slow Down” illustrates the perils of looking out for life’s pitfalls in materialism and relationships and “So” is your fun Brit Pop tune guaranteed to get your glow sticks out and pretty much describes this release – fun! DJ El Nino