DeluxeHire References

DeluxeHire References

DeluxeHire References

Please find below some business references from our activities.  Current references on home page.

"It was a pleasure working with Deluxe Hire London as the website was very user friendly, the items hired were exactly as described online and the staff was very helpful and friendly. From ordering to reception the entire process went smoothly, my guests were very pleased as my food was served on beautiful plates.
I highly recommend Deluxe for all sorts of ocassions and I am sure I will work with them again."

Kind regards,  Lavinia (Private Event. October 2013)


"Dear DeluxeHire,
Yes - the products we requested were excellent - also in the end we did not end up using the slow cookers due to some confusion with the chefs, but
we really appreciate that you took the time to look for these for us.

Also, we appreciate that you tried to get hold of the chefs jackets even though it was at the last minute, and that you were very clear in all your communication with us and immediately were able to tell us what you do have, do not have and also check with us about the apron colours.

You were definitely value for money, in terms of the actual product hire cost, but also it was really helpful that we were able to pick up from you
to save on delivery charges - your delivery charges are also good (the other companies we looked at, we would have had to pay their very high
delivery rates as they did not have any pick up option).
The website was also very clearly set up and easy to find the products. The staff were extremely friendly, polite and it was a pleasure doing business with you!

I think the only negative thing was, about the BBC information that is on your website about some programme, and then that made us slightly worried
at first about whether to use you or not, but after talking to you on the phone this was not a worry for us.
Hope the feedback is helpful."
 Miss Shah.  (Private Event. October 2013)   


"Dear Bebe and DeluxeHire, thanks for the excellent service through the years. I thought i'd lend my support seeing that you guys are being hammered by the "big factual investigators."  DeluxeHire product range is incredible, in top class condition and value for money. Bebe is a professional who knows her products, Catch her on a good day and she'll give u half the shop hire free and on a bad day?..just kidding!
The new no damage deposit policy is a big hit meaning we don't have to spend too much cash at the outset.
The only problem is that we now have to collect from Staines and that sucks, however if it leads to less disputes then it's all good. Long may you live."

Laura. Private Event Consultant. (2009 and on-going)


"We used Deluxe Hire London for an outside event and their service was very good. They ensured that any queries or requests we had was sorted straight away, our event went very well with their assistance."
Institute of Contemporary Arts. The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH(August 2013)


"I would definitely use DeluxeHire again, the customer service and value for money was fantastic! The website is really easy to use and you can clearly see what you're hiring. The quality of the tablecloths I hired was excellent!
When I next organise an event I won't need to spend hours researching where to hire things from, I will go straight to DeluxeHire."

Many thanks Bebe!   Sarah. November/2012

Moulin Rouge themed charity event called Spectacular! Surbiton Assembly Rooms.


"Hi Bebe, thank you so much for the hire of the rice cooker..the event was a great success so I'm sure I'll be in contact again with a more substantial order! I returned the item to Alperton this morning."
Pru - Rheumatology/ Hand Therapy Occupational Therapy Lead. November/2012.


Dear Bebe,
"We would like to thank you very much for the service provided by you and Deluxe Hire for our wedding in September 2011.
All the linen and tableware hired were beautiful and of excellent quality. We received many compliments on the day.
Thank you so much for being so friendly and helpful, we would definitely recommend you and use your services again in the future if we need it." Warm regards,
   Mr & Mrs Evans


"Hi, Thanks a lot for this! was pleasure working with you and will
definitely use your services in future!" (Event: Private house party)



"Hi DeluxeHire. Yes, Matthew was really happy with the level of service received and you will find the responses to your questions below": (Event: Child Christening)
Did we respond to your business need in a timely matter? Yes
Was the service courteous?  Definitely
Was delivery timely?   Yes
Was the order and payment process seamless?  Yes
Were we flexible?    Definitely
Are we value for money compared to others?  Yes
Did our service go beyond expectation?  Definitely

Many thanks and kind regards. Angi


Goodwood House

"Dear Bebe, Thank you so much for your help with the Wedding on Saturday, it was a huge success and helped tremendously by the presence of the Mint Julep Cups, they were so thrilled with them.  I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts to get them to the event.  You are a credit to the DeluxeHire Team. Many thanks again." (Event: Wedding)

House Event Planner. Goodwood House. Chicester.



Mr Wladek posted the below on Ripoff Report.

The company agreed to hire goods for my wedding event, they provide invoice and I've paid in full the sum of £1,135.84 more than one month before event (12/06/2012).

The troubles started on the day of the shipping catering goods (20/07/2012), Ms Bebe from DeluxeHire called me 1 hour before the shipping time saying that I have to pay extra £60 for the chair covers, eventhough that was included in the previous invoice. She said that we need to pay since she can't provide white pads since all are dirty and not ready for dispatch?! I finished conversation with stating that i'm not going to pay for additional covers since she have to provide what we've ordered.

Finally chairs arrived with other equipment. The event was on 22/07/2012 and collection was set for Monday morning at 10am. All of the goods where counted individually and pack in their boxes. All items where stored in secure place and where waiting for delivery man.

On Wednesday 25/07/2012 (by the way my birthday), I've received a call from the delivery guy saying that he did collection and now is expecting additional £60 for the cost of the hired goods pickup. We started to argue since it was unclear for my why is he demandig money and trying to mingle Ms Bebe in to this, since I did not order a courier via DeluxeHire. Finally I've paid him £50 for a trouble.

This is not end of the story, I sent few emails to DeluxeHire regarding paying back my deposit. Never heard from them in writting. After 46 days of the goods collection by courier I've called Ms Bebe with questions where is my £220 from the deposit. She said that a few cutlerys where missing and one silver tablecloth, I've dissagree with her since I counted all of the items and pack them accordingly. I have asked for her estimation and she told me that she is charging me around £205 for the lost goods. Again I dissagreed saying that she is wrong. I said that I'll go to police and other Fraud Authority, she replied that I can even call FBI. She mentionned that she will not give me even remaining balance of £14.00 from the deposit.


According to Wikipedia, Ripoff Report is a privately owned and operated as a profit based website. "The Ripoff Report allows anyone over the age of 14 to post free, un-moderated and uncorroborated complaints known as 'reports' which contain details of the user's experience with the company or individual listed in the report. The site requires users to create an account which includes an unconfirmed email address before reports can be submitted.  According to the site's Terms of Service, users are required to affirm that their reports are truthful and accurate, but the site admits that it neither investigates, confirms or corroborates the accuracy of submissions. According to the website, Ripoff Report may "decline to publish, or censor, rebuttals in certain cases"

According to Wikipedia, a controversial aspect of the Ripoff Report website is its policy to refuse to remove reports. Ripoff Report does not allow AUTHORS to remove their own reports, even in cases where a mistake has been made or a matter resolved. Furthermore the site will not remove reports in response to legal demands from attorneys.

Ripoff Report will publish any report whether true or false from anyone! It could be your competitor, disgruntled employee, client, anyone with a problem with you or your company!  However, the company has an "VIP Arbitration" which has the stated purpose of offering victims of false reports a new way to clear their names.  Well, guess how much it cost? $2,000!  (Ripoff Report has more than 1 million pages indexed on Google).

Click link to watch Fox news investigation on Rip Off Report.