Obsolete Caliber 13.2mm WW1 German T-Gewehr

Obsolete Caliber 13.2mm WW1 German T-Gewehr

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This is an Immaculate Condition First World War German T-Gewehr Anti-tank rifle in 13.2mm TUF. Obsolete Calibre. 

This is one of approx 15,000 T-Gewehr's produced in 1918 by Mauser. The T-Gewehr was produced in response to the use of the MK IV Tank on the battlefield. The 'K' armour piercing round used by the germans was ineffective and so, the T-Gewehr was born.

The T-Gewehr was the first anti-tank rifle and the only anti-tank rifle to see service in World War One. It was only rifle produced specifically designed for destroying armoured targets.

This Item is complete with the early T-Gewehr bipod and also the stock is the earlier 2-part stock. 

This woodwork is stamped with an 'R' on the stock which shows us the wood is beech.

An Inert round is included in the price.

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