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SOUDAL Multi Wipes (100 wipes)

Soudal Multi Wipes x 100 wipes (Swipex)

Heavy duty non-woven cleaning wipes impregnated with a mixture of solvents, biodegradeable non-ionic surfactants and skin emollients.

£2.50 *

Simon Gas Vent Controllable 102 Single Glazed

To suit 121mm hole. Single Glazed.

£16.50 *
Old price £25.74
You save 36 %
In stock

Simon Gas Vent DGS/JG Double Glazed

Static Ventilator. To suit 162mm hole. Complete with Stormguard

£28.60 *
Old price £38.22
You save 25 %
Still in stock

New Easy Air Wedge

Multipurpose inflatable wedge makes fixing and levelling easy. Holds windows, doors, appliances and equipment in place for easier installation. Can be inflated or deflated to ideal pressure to hold the unit in the right position. Core plate technology stops the material buckling or bending.

Tarpaulin TPU
Lifts up to 140kg

£7.85 *

IRWIN Sabre Saw Blade 10 TPI 150mm Wood & Metal x 5

Irwin Sabre Saw Blades 610R 150mm Metal & Wood Cutting blades offer superior construction and design making them faster cutting and longer lasting. Cuts composition materials such as plastic, pipe, carbon steel and stainless steel. Suitable for use with materials 3.2mm (1/8 in) and thicker.

Length: 150mm.
Teeth: 10tpi.

£6.25 / pack(s) *
Old price £6.95
You save 10 %

New Xpert Toolbox Saw 360mm

Xpert Fine Tooth Toolbox Saw

£4.99 *

Sealfix Solvent Degreaser 500ml

Powerful quick-drying cleaner and degreaser for various maintenance and assembly jobs.

£1.80 *

Bondloc Mitre Kit 50ml/200ml

Mitre Kit is a two part instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol activator. Mitre Kit is a fast acting cyanoacrylate based adhesive with activator which is particulary useful for production lines and UPVC window trim bonding.


£2.48 *

Black Rubble Sacks 508mm x 762mm 500 gauge x 100

Perfect for rubble, sand, aggregate or garden refuse!, in fact these heavy duty puncture resistant sacks are ideal for any use where strengh is needed.

£15.00 *
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