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Xpert 32mm Chisel Knife / Bead Knife

32 mm Stiff Chrome polished chisel blade. Ideal for removing window beads. Cushion grip handle with steel end cap.

£5.14 *

New Stanley Putty Knife

£8.71 *

New SOUDAL Trowel

Professional quality notched trowel adhesive spreader 

£8.17 *

New Trade Flexi Meter

£23.54 *

Digital Anglefinder

Xpert Digital Anglefinder

£38.18 *

Tape Measure

£1.84 *

New Stanley Tape Measures

Stanley Tape Measures

£4.62 *

Glazing Shovel

Glazing Shovels sold individually.

£3.52 *

New Winbag

Winbags available individually or box qty 4 & belt hook

£18.14 *

Twist Silicone Nozzle x 5

Perfect for those hard to reach areas.

£2.31 *

UNIBOND Sealant Finishing Tool

Easy to use, UNIBOND Sealant Finishing Tool is a handy device which gives you the option of several different angles for wall and floor applications.

£3.13 *
In stock

Xpert Chisel Knife 10-in-1

This invaluable 10 in 1 Multi Purpose Knife from Xpert features a strong chrome blade, a steel `hammer` end cap and a cushioned non slip handle for safety and comfort.

£5.19 *

New Transbank 350 x 350 x 350 for Fuel/Chemical

Suitable for chemicals or flammables

£85.00 *
In stock
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