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Sabre Saw Blades- Metals/ Plastics/ Ceramics

A premium blade to give a fine, clean, straight cut. Combining the flexibility of the HCS body with a HSS hardened cutting edge, resulting in a tough, shatter resistant blade which keeps its edge. Longer service life leads to greater cost effectiveness per blade.

£10.79 *

Sabre Saw Blades- Wood/Plastics/Pruning Wood

Sabre Saw Blades- Price per pack (5)

£6.76 *

Jigsaw Blade

Jigsaw Blades pack of 5

£6.20 *

Hack Saw Blade

Hack Saw Blade- Bi-Metal 18TPI

£0.97 *

Junior Hack Saw Blade

Junior Hack Saw Blade

6" x 32 TPI (Pack of 10)

£4.12 *

Single Sided Blades

Single Sided Blades 0.04mm Thick

Pack of 100

£8.47 *

Carpet Knife Blades

Pack of 100 Blades


£9.93 *

Carpet Knife Blades 10 blades

Pack of 10 blades


£1.30 *

New Toolbox Saw

Bahco Toolbox Saw 15TPI



£7.97 *

New Xpert Toolbox Saw 360mm

Xpert Fine Tooth Toolbox Saw



£6.96 *

New Multi Cutter Mixed Blades x 12


£45.07 *

New Multi Cutter SH Hardwood Blades 35mm


£4.15 *

New Multi Cutter SH Bi-Metal Blades 35mm


£5.42 *

IRWIN Sabre Saw Blade 10 TPI 150mm Wood & Metal x 5

Irwin Sabre Saw Blades 610R 150mm Metal & Wood Cutting blades offer superior construction and design making them faster cutting and longer lasting. Cuts composition materials such as plastic, pipe, carbon steel and stainless steel. Suitable for use with materials 3.2mm (1/8 in) and thicker.

Length: 150mm.
Teeth: 10tpi.

£9.05 / pack(s) *
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