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Sealfix Solvent Cleaner 1L

Removes stubborn dirt, grease and sealant residues.

£2.82 *

Sealfix Trade Glass Cleaner 1L

Removes grease and dirt. Quick acting, non smearing cleaner.

£1.25 *

Sealfix Glass Cleaner 5L

Removes grease and dirt. Quick acting, non smearing cleaner.

£5.32 *

SOUDAL PVCu Frame Cleaner

SOUDAL PVCu Frame Cleaner 1lt is a solvent based cleaner for PVCu materials. Fast acting. Non smear formulation. Removes ingrained dirt.

£3.36 *

SOUDAL Glass & Mirror Cleaner

SOUDAL Glass & Mirror Cleaner 1lt is a High performance alcohol based cleaner for the cleaning of different types of glass and glass materials. Fast drying. Non-smear formula.

£2.08 *

SOUDAL Multi Wipes (100 wipes)

Soudal Multi Wipes x 100 wipes (Swipex) heavy duty non-woven cleaning wipes impregnated with a mixture of solvents, biodegradeable non-ionic surfactants and skin emollients.


£4.36 *

SOUDAL PVCu Cream Cleaner

SOUDAL PVCu Cream Cleaner 1lt is a general purpose, solvent free, cream cleaner for a sparkling finish on PVCu and other materials. Solvent free formulation. Removes ingrained dirt. Can be buffed to a deep and attractive sheen.

£2.33 *
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