Art work Requrements

Art work Requrements

Vector artwork is preferable

All text must be converted to outlines

No RGB colour profiles. CMYK or PMS only (N.B. depending on print method, exact colour matching may not be possible)

PMS colours / CMYK breakdowns noted in file

PMS = Pantone Colours

Transparencies will need to be flattened, depending on print method

Minimum of 300dpi for raster files

All images to be embedded/linked to original file

What if I don’t have a good artwork?

Don’t panic just yet, send through what you have and we can assess what your options are and then can advise accordingly.

Please be aware that recreation of artwork may incur additional fees

Vector vs. Raster


Illustrator = ai / pdf / eps based files

made up of a series of individual shapes, lines and text

can be separated more easily when multiple colours are used

can be scaled up and down with no loss in quality

overlapping shapes of the same colour must be merged (joined)

Vector files are always first preference


Photoshop = psd / pdf / jpeg / png

Made up of a series of dots (pixels

DPI = dots per inch i.e. the more dpi the better quality = the more dots per inch

Each colour must be supplied on individual layers in Photoshop so colour separation is more effective

Scaling can reduce quality as the pixels are enlarged i.e. edges may become fuzzy/blurry and is then termed “pixelated”

No smaller than 300dpi. This can be determined by taking note of the file size in terms of mg’s i.e. a 300dpi file will be at least 1Mb. Anything in kb is generally not clear enough

Canvas size must be cropped to just outside the image so there is limited ‘unused’ space around image

Png files to be supplied with background removed