Otomix Weightlifting Boots

Otomix Weightlifting Boots

Otomix Weightlifting Boots


If you have any issue with payment please call

+44 7768 511616

Online is still the most efficient method !


We love selling Otomix boots, well-known for their quality, comfort and functionality. Regular imports ensure we always hold hundreds of pairs in stock as well as plenty of sizes and colours in their best selling styles. As an accredited International Distributor for Otomix over the past 15 years, our range continues to grow alongside our reputation for great customer service.   Sizes run true and for our overseas customers it should be noted that American sizes are one higher than UK equivalent. ie UK 10 = US 11                        

Excellent feedback from satisfied customers also says that our faith in the Otomix brand continues to be justfied. 

SIZING MEN                                                                     SIZING WOMEN

UK 6   ( US 7 )   EU 39.5                                          UK 3   ( US F6 )      EU 36

UK7    ( US 8 )   EU 41                                             UK3.5  ( US F6.5 )  EU 37

UK 8  ( US 9 )    EU 42                                             UK4.5  ( US F7.5)   EU 38    

                                                                                    UK5.5  ( US F8.5 )   EU 39

UK 9  ( US 10 )  EU 43                                             UK6.5  ( US F9.5 )   EU 41

UK10 ( US 11 )  EU 44.5

UK11  ( US 12 ) EU 46

UK12  ( US 13 ) EU 47

UK13  ( US 14 ) EU 48.5

UK14 ( US 15 ) EU 49



Stock showing online is always live and up to date !

We guarantee that short of flying to the States our prices are significantly lower than buying online from Otomix after shipping ,duty and Vat ....even with their maximum discount code.

You buy the shoes then receive an email with a link to pay $ 50 + for postage. Fedex will charge around 30 % for duty and Vat on your doorstep.

That's why Otomix forward all email enquiries for UK and certain other European countries directly to us.

Current US Dollar exchange rate means the cost oto you for a pair of Otomix Stingrays bought off the American site is £ 165.00

Have a look at the Otomixinc site under International Distributors , you'll see who their trusted resellers are and Otomix's statement to beware of unauthorised sellers and copycat

or fraudulant products. 






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