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New Diana 'Life Is a Journey' Art Print by Pegasus

Diana Life Is A Journey Signed Art by Street Artist Pegasus for sale buy Pegasus Princess Diana Arthouse Gallery London full UK delivery

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New 'Diana' Act Of Kindness' Art Print by Pegasus

Act Of Kindness Princess Diana by Street Artist Pegasus for sale buy Pegasus street art full UK delivery from Arthouse Gallery London

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Blondie-Pinkl(Debbie Harry) silkscreen by Pegasus

Street Artist Pegasus silkscreen art prints of Debbie Harry for sale buy Pegasus graffitti art at Arthouse Gallery full UK delivery


Blondie-Yellow (Debbie Harry) by Pegasus

Blondie Yellow is a signed and numbered silkscreen art print by Street Artist Pegagsus for sale at Arthouse Gallery Full Pegasus collection


Blondie Green (Debbie Harry)by Pegasus

Blondie is a silkscreen art print by street artist Pegasus for sale at Arthouse Gallery buy Pegasus art new full collection of silkscreens

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Blondie- Red (Debbie Harry) by Pegasus

Blondie green by Pegasus is a signed silkscreen art print by street artist Pegasus New Pegasus art collection buy online at Arthouse Gallery


Blondie Blue (Debbie Harry) by Pegasus

Blondie Blue is a signed silkscreen art print by street artist Pegasus for sale at Arthouse Gallery But Pegasus art New collection to buy online

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Adele unique silkscreen by Pegasus

Adele is a hand pulled silkscrenn art print for sale by street artist Pegasus buy pegasus street art at Arthouse Gallery New collection in NOW



Fallen Angel -Amy Winehouse by Pegasus

Fallen Angel is asigned silkscrenn for sale by street artist Pegasus new collection to buy from artist Pegasus Full UK delivery

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Elvis art print by Pegasus

Elvis original silkscreen art print for sale by street artist Pegasus at Arthouse Gallery buy art by Pegasus online Full UK delivery


Pegasus is an American urban street artist based in London. His stencilled pieces display an ironic and sometimes controversial portrayal of popular culture’s most recognisable icons. He has worked in the north, south and east London areas, most notably in Islington, Camden, Hackney, Shoreditch and Lambeth. He paints unauthorised art as well as pieces that are authorised.
Pegasus currently lives in Camden, London.

Pegasus has a strong A-List and celebrity following having received commissions from Adele, Simon Cowell, Johnny Depp And Kim Kardashian Lindsey Lohan and England Rugby legend  Ben Cohen

Pegasus is perhaps best known for Fallen Angel, an image of Amy Winehouse on the side of a Camden information centre (Starbucks) that was whitewashed over before being repainted and 'opened' by Winehouse's mother Janis in December 2013. The artwork was the site of an unofficial shrine for Ms Winehouse in the days after the singer's death in 2011. Pegasus said: "I am so pleased that my Amy Angel work means so much to people. I love Amy and the world is a much poorer place without her. Her legacy will be remembered forever and the work the Amy Winehouse Foundation is doing is testimony to her kindness and love for others

Pegasus made headlines with a stencil showing the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as the Virgin Mary with Prince George of Cambridge as baby Jesus. The image, inspired by the 14th Century painting Madonna And Child by Italian artist, Duccio di Buoninsegna was created in honour of the arrival of the future King of England. The painting was exhibited at the Hoxton Arches gallery in London's East End in 2013 and is the fifth Royal portrait by Pegasus