JODY Craddock

Jody Craddock


Jody obtained an A-level in Art, but his art was to be put back as he took a career as a professional footballer. After turning professional in 1993 with Cambridge United, he moved to Sunderland FC in 1997 and more recently to Wolverhampton Wanderers in 2003. On his arrival at Wolverhampton Wanderers he was commissioned by Sir Jack Hayward and Patty Bloom to create a painting of Wolves promotion to the Premiership in 2003, little did he know that he would go on to captain the Championship winning side of 2009! To commemorate this event, Jody once again painted the team celebrating the return to the Premiership and released it as a Limited Edition print. Former England captains David Beckham and John Terry - the portrait of the Chelsea defender being commissioned by the player himself - have been star subjects for Craddock's brush, along with many other team-mates and opponents. After two decades of playing professional football, Jody finally hung up his football boots in 2014 and has devoted his time to being a professional artist.  Jody’s ambition is now to work closely with a limited number of independent galleries nationally and continually developing himself as an artist. In 2002, his artwork progressed from what he deemed as a hobby and an outlet for emotion to the next level – becoming professional in not only football but also as an artist. Over the years his work has been accumulating growing interest and praise, exhibiting from the North East of England to the Midlands and now in London with Arthouse Gallery 

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