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* Contact

I get many enquiries from worried owners relating to many differing issues with their horses, and I'm here to help.

Our website is full of information for you to peruse through, to see if your horse can be supported by one of our specific Category blends.

  • For ongoing well-recognised conditions such as joint health, Cushings/PPID, respiration and so on, see the relevant chapters for more information.
  • If your horse is otherwise fine in him/herself, you've addressed your feed regime (see our webpage * DOES FOOD MATTER?) and you feel that an immune-system recharge might be all that's needed, see our Immunity page for our range of immunity tonics, which focus on each specific area.
  • Alternatively, if you're concerned that your horse is struggling with poor overall immunity, and maybe dropping condition despite your best efforts, our * C.A.R.E. PROGRAMME Keeping Our Horses Healthy page may be helpful for a comprehensive summary, as well as our dedicated DETOXING page where you'll find our range of herbal detoxing blends to keep your horse's system clean and clear.

However, if you feel you need further help for us to look a little deeper, then please send a detailed message below. No-one knows your horse better than you, so your relationship with your horse and your instincts are very important.

Simply complete all the fields below marked * and click "Send".  To get the fullest picture of information, I'd particularly like to know:

  • horse‚Äôs height/weight/age/breed and name
  • any past medical history
  • what symptoms your horse is presenting with
  • worming programme info

Now management and lifestyle detail:

  • feed - current feedbowl diet, which brands, any/all supplements, any recent/current vet meds, and when fed
  • turnout/stabled regime - how much time on grass, grass type if known, any hay and what volume
  • workload/discipline
  • any current equine friends/family and relationship
  • emotional state/any stressor factors

Plus anything else you can think of. The more information the better, and photos are always appreciated!

I always endeavour to acknowledge your message within the hour, and aim to get my reply back to you as soon as I can, usually no longer than a couple of days depending on how many enquiries I have in the queue, but I'll do my level best to keep you informed.

I also fully appreciate that contacting me by phone would be much easier, but it's proven really difficult in the past.  It's simply a time issue for me - I'm completely tied up during the day preparing client's orders ready for the courier, plus doing my own horses at each end.   And as a telephone enquiry can take upwards of an hour-plus, it's really tricky to find the time to fit calls into the day - really sorry. 

Communicating by email means I can take my time to put together a full and considered reply back to you, usually outside of office hours, so I really appreciate your patience.

Best wishes

Carol @ EquiNatural

** PS. Sometimes, thankfully rarely, but it happens - your message doesn't land in my email, so Top Tip - save your message below, and if you don't hear from me within a day or so, either email me at - - to check, or resend again.

NB.  Any information, products or support offered is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor is it intended to replace professional veterinary and/or medical advice.  Having not seen or met your horse I can only guide and support you based on the investigation I carry out with you, and the information you provide me with.  Any recommendations by me are supplied here without any guarantees, and I disclaim all liability in connection with the use of any information and/or products.