Pizza oven and accessories

Pizza oven and accessories
DIAMANTE is the new personalized electric oven, reliable and quick. It has optimum performances and it is able to guarantee:
• Heat constant maintenance: thanks to the wide thermal insulation thickness, the heat mass distributes uniformly inside the baking chamber, allowing to the oven to obtain an excellent baking of the pizzas.
• Energetic saving: the protection glass electric opening and closure is managed from the suitable button, placed on the left of the oven mouth. Thanks to its ergonomic structure and to the optimum insulation, DIAMANTE has a heat minimum dispersion and a high energetic saving.
• Optimum design to personalize: DIAMANTE furnishes your room in original and characteristic way and proposes different variables to give the idea of the wall oven:
1) Arc and console with Montefeltro stone (type marble) and covering in little bricks.
2) Arc and console in little bricks and covering in Paladiana.
3) Arc and console with Montefeltro stone and neutral covering.
4) Arc and console in little bricks and neutral covering.
• High production of pizzas and use easiness: Diamante is able to take out of the oven 100 pizzas in 1 hour and manages in simple way every operation from the controls panel.
DIAMANTE ovens are equipped besides with an intelligent cook top, able to recognize the work zone compensating automatically the temperature.