MyChef 4GN 1/1 Combi Oven

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MyChef 4GN 1/1 Combi Oven

Excellent and efficient cooking in the minimum space.

MyChef mono-phase 4GN 1/1 oven

Capacity: 4GN 1/1
External dimensions: 520w x 799d x 575h mm
Convection cooking: from 30 to 260ºC
Mono-phase connection: 220-230V/L+N/50Hz
Power rating: 3,1 kW
Distance between slots: 60 mm
Temperature control: TSC optional*
Self-cleaning system: Autoclean
External connection for multi-point and sous-vide probe: Yes


* - Distform has patented the TSC (Thermal Stability Control) technology that guarantees maximum temperature stability in the cooking chamber with an accuracy of ±0’2ºC. The patent is activated below 100ºC and allows very precise cooking with or without vacuum-sealed bags. Compared to the immersion thermostat, you save up to 76% of the cost with long-term cooking
MyChef 10GN 1/1 oven
10GN 1/1
External dimensions
520 x 799 x 950 mm
Convection cooking
from 30 to 260ºC
Power rating
11,2 kW
Distance between slots
60 mm
Temperature control TSC
Self-cleaning system
External connection for
multi-point and sous-vide probe

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