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The Gelato 5+ 5K Twin features sophisticated software offering four unique production programs as well as manual operation. From gelato classico and semi-soft ice cream to granita and shock freezing, these diverse, fully automatic cycles allow for easy operation, meaning tfpmx0399he operator is free to focus on other tasks whilst the 5K Twin takes care of the mixture.

As well as fully automatic production cycles, the Gelato 5+ 5K Twin also boasts automatic density control and storage programs, making it the perfect addition to any professional kitchen. The machine automatically detects the density of the mixture and, when the correct density is achieved for the desired product, the storage cycle is automatically started to retain the correct density.

With its twin set of refrigeration and blending systems, two flavours of mixture can be produced at the same time, adding flexibility to the machine’s output with no extra input from the operator. Combined with the ability to top up the ingredients as needed, the 5+ 5K Twin is perfect for producing gelato of different varieties and to exactly the quantity needed. A magnetic safety device pauses production when the lid is lifted, so adding to the mixture is safe as well as simple.

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