Electric, Boilerless Combination Ovens (5-Pan)

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The Bakers Pride Cyclone combination oven gives you the fl exibility 
of using moist heat, dry heat or a combination of both to produce the 
optional cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods.
Standard Features:
• AISI 304 Stainless Steel Oven Cabinet with rounded corners for 
easy cleanup. 
• Easy to operate mechanical controls.
• 2-speed, reversing fan motor for even temperature cooking.
• Interior lighting for illuminating product.
• Double-glazed, ventilated door and glass assembly for cool 
exteriors and easy cleaning.
• Height-adjusted feet. 
Control Specifi cations:
1. Power-On Indicator
2. On/Off Switch and Cooking Mode Selector
3. Heating-On Indicator
4. Temperature Control Selector
5. Timer Control Selector
6. Humidity Selector
7. Fan Speed Control Selector




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