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One of the latest hand dryers 0n the market is the ’3G’, offering an interesting new take on high-speed drying.  Rather than your traditional Dyson-like hands in, or your bog-standard (literally) hands-under dryer, the 3G combines both, giving a new look, that’s sure to turn a few heads, and a new term – ‘hands-through’.

As well as the quirky name and high-tech look, the 3G has also got some truly staggering specs, including  a 600kmph air flow giving a dry time of around 10 seconds, depending on the setting of an innovative noise control feature, which is a rather cool addition in itself!
The 3G also features extremely low cost drying – 8p for over 200 uses.

Whether or not style is important to you, in addition 3G Hand Dryer - Silver Aluminium - 3G02to the futuristic looks with sleek LED activation lights , you can be sure that the 3G will mould itself around almost any need and environment that you might have.

The 3G dryer also gives you the choice of a waste water pipe or an integral tank to deal with collected water – this makes the 3G suitable for installation anywhere that you can get a power source.

The 3G hand dryer is available in a choice of two finishes -  silver or white, and both colours would certainly look the part in any modern restroom.

The new 3G dryer is a hybrid; combining all the best bits from hands-in and hands-under hand dryers.

Product Features:

Up to 600 kph air speed - giving a staggering 10 second dry time!

Compact Design, saving space.

1200W, costing less than 8p for 200 uses!

Easy access for children and the disabled.

Variable airflow, allowing you to control dry time and noise level.

Choice between waste water pipe or use of built-in water tank, holding 600ml with LED full indicator.

Long-life filter, can last up to 5 years!

LED activation lights.

Stainless Aluminium Body, available in White or Silver (see product EDD3G02)

Anti-bacterial protection.

Dimensions - W-340mm, H-430mm, D-234mm.


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