Hand Dryer Eco-Stream Oasis White ABS 550 W

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Stream Hygiene Washroom Innovation

Hand Dryer Eco-Stream Oasis  White ABS 550 W 

The Eco-Stream Hand Dryer from Stream Hygiene is Amazing! Stream Hygiene specialise in Innovative washroom products and with this range they certainly don’t disappoint, 550 watts is the lowest wattage hand dryer currently available in the world!

It comes in two options, 550 watt and 1100 watt and is available in white ABS, white steel, polished chrome and satin chrome. The Eco-Stream is manufactured in Europe. 

The Eco-Stream Hand dryers have an “Air Curtain” airflow to cover a wider surface area, the dry time is 10-12 seconds and both models have a blue LED down-lighter. There is an optional HEPA filter which captures 99.9% of airborne bacteria, and they have touch free operation with an adjustable sensor.

The 550 W is an ambient (room temperature) high speed dryer  @ 68dB while the 1100 W has no heating element as it cleverly recycles heat from the motor to generate warm air @ 75dB.
So if you’re looking for a good quality and innovative hand dryer but still want to save on your energy costs, look no further than the Eco-Stream!

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Performance data


Sensor operated


ABS – Die Cast Aluminium


220 / 240 VAC


50 / 60 Hz

Air speed (km/h)

325 (1100 W) – 225 (550 W)

Air flow

187 m3/h – 3117 l/min (1100 W)
150 m3/h – 2500 l/min (550 W)

Drying time

8 – 12 sec (1100 W)
10 – 14 sec (550 W)


1100 W – 550 W

r. p. m.

32000 (1100 W) 26000 (550 W)

Protection level


Electrical insulation

Class II

Noise level

75Db (1100 W) 68Db (550 W)


3 KG (ABS)


3 kg



Reassurance - 3 years european manufacturers warranty .




Warranty : 3 years manufacturer's warranty


Dimensions : H285 W221 D157 mm


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