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FWE's BT-192240 features the built-in Top Mount Heat System. This is one of the most versatile banquet cabinets on the market. With a simple yet expertly designed rack system you can hold almost any combination of plates and pans. Simply stack your pre-plated hot meals directly on the shelves or load it up with your 12x20 hotel pans or both. When your guests arrive you can rest assured a hot meal is waiting for them in this reliable and well-built banquet cabinet.

The BT-192240 banquet cart is designed to hold between 192 and 240 10.5" covered plates. The BT-192240 is standard with (8) triple plated, welded rod-type shelves. The shelves are adjustable 3.75" spacing. Use the shelves in any combination to hold your plates, trays or pans.

The "BT Series" banquet cabinet features FWE's heavy-duty all stainless steel construction and is fully insulated. Welded construction and our exclusive tubular stainless steel base frame ensure that this banquet cabinet will withstand the most demanding use.

These banquet cabinets are equipped with the FWE Top Mount Heat System which eliminates hot and cold spots by gently circulating hot air throughout the interior of the cabinet. Narrow spaces are no problem with the slim design of the Top Mount Heat System. They fit easily in tight spaces without sacrificing needed capacity.

The heat system is built into the cabinet to reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. Clean up is effortless. Never worry about losing your removable heat module from your banquet cabinet again. The controls are upfront and eye level, featuring a full range thermometer and thermostat with a scale of 90 degrees F to 190 degrees F.

FWE believes that mobile banquet cabinets should be, well mobile. These banquet cabinets come standard with heavy duty, solid formed push bar handles. These handles are mounted at each end of the unit for easy maneuverability. Also standard is the full perimeter bumper. The bumper extends beyond the doors and handle for added protection. Each door is equipped with heavy duty hinges and full grip magnetic door latches.

Mobile heated banquet carts are the heart of every banquet operation. FWE offers the best designed, the best built and the largest offering in the industry. We have banquet carts to fit whatever size of your operation from forty plate capacity to two hundred. With our heavy duty stainless steel construction our cabinets are built to withstand the rigorous demands of the unique banquet and hotel environment.

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