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Esmach to VinNatur

Esmach to VinNatur

Villa La Favorita (Sarego, Vicenza) will host 5 to 7 April the 11th edition of VinNatur, salon of natural wines that brings together the leading manufacturers in this field.

Considered the most important event dedicated to natural wines in Europe, VinNatur is a meeting space for 140 growers from 8 countries , which in the three-day event will present to the audience of fans and buyers in over 600 wines - to taste and buy .

By definition, natural wine comes from a processing method which excludes the use of chemical additives and provide the fewest number possible of human intervention . The goal of the show is to spread a culture of natural wine from knowledge of the terroir , the production techniques in the vineyard and in the winery, the experiences of individual producers.

The salon will be an opportunity to explore the food pairings offered by selected artisans . The common denominator? An approach based on naturalness, careful selection of raw materials and the continuous search for balance nutrition.

For the second year, also renews its partnership with Esmach VinNatur , setting up a laboratory that will churn out a continuous cycle baking fresh bread to accompany the wine tasting.

The best of the white, then, in a dialogue between viticulture and natural bread that is built on the principles of quality and naturalness , without renouncing to a continuous search for innovation.

Thanks to the direction of Stefano Bongiovanni and Stefano De Lorenzi, EsmachLab will give visitors a taste of the best dishes made ​​by Esmach , studied carefully to match the wines, in different times of the day. Two masters of baking and cooking, respectively, which will create an interesting combination of bread and wine in a sustainable, ness, quality and passion.

" Bread to bread, wine to wine "is a saying that indicates transparency of thought and action: transparent is also the attitude that more and more is expected of those who bear - directly or indirectly - the food on our tables.

From simple supplier to ambassadors of culture and values ​​, therefore: is the passage that the stars of the food world are experiencing predominantly. To make a difference, to position itself as excellence, it is essential to convey a message: machinery and technology are no longer just tools, but gears of a cultural system that needs to be shared and spread.

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