Hot Chocolate Drink Machine

Hot Chocolate Drink Machine

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The Hot Chocolate Drink Machine is amazingly compact for easy use in a kiosk or cafe environment.It is also incredibly versatile and simple to

use. As well as hot chocolate drinks you can also make hot, frothy milk for cappuccinos or other hot beverages.

2 x 1/2 lt. Jugs

2 x interchangeable steam nozzle/

stirrer for chocolates

Special softener filter ( for 1000

chocolate drinks)


Automatic and programmable control for mixing and heating times.

Three push-buttons to pre- select 1, 2 or 3 drinks, these can be prepared in one single cycle.

One extra push-button to warm up other types of hot beverages

Easy and fast twist-off mixing and steam nozzle/stirrer, easy to clean.

The machine calculates the quantity of steam required and warns when the filter needs to be replaced. 


Size:  147mm x 345mm x    460mm

Water TANK: 1.5ltWeight:  8kgElectrical: AC 230 Volt  

   50Hz 1100W



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