Hatco Macho Nacho Chip Warmer

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Hatco FDWD-1-MN, Macho Nacho Chip Warmer - 18"

The Hatco Macho Nacho Holding and Display Cabinet is a high-visibility merchandiser for warming and displaying nacho chips. These heated displays use no humidity and hold up to 25 lbs. of chips, keeping them hot, fresh, and crisp considerably longer than other warmers, reducing refill time and minimizing waste.

The unique air flow forces warm air to the bottom and is distributed into the cabinet through holes in the floor panels, directing maximum heat to the chips being served. Macho Nacho circulates air to prevent the loss of natural oils, eliminating the need to frequently replace stale chips.

Built of stainless steel or aluminum with tempered glass sides and doors, Macho Nacho features a stainless steel front housing, painted top, and eye catching decals.

Macho Nacho’s two-door access permits easy loading and serving. Chips flow to the front of the cabinet when loading through the upper door and the heated, slanted floor panel slides the hot chips to the lower door for serving. The user-friendly control panel makes it easy to operate and only minimum maintenance is required. The chip slide and floor panels are removable for ease of cleaning.

The following features assure the finest performance for years to come:
• Built of stainless steel or aluminum with tempered glass sides and doors.
• Shatter-resistant incandescent lights enhance food appeal while safeguarding food products from bulb breakage.
• Snappy graphic decals for three sides help promote product.
• Anodized bronze finish is standard on the FST model.
• All models come with 6' (1829 mm) cord and plug

Macho Nacho™ Chip Warmer, rear loading & dispensing door, w/main deck shelf only, approximately 25 lbs. capacity, forced air heat w/display light, s/s frame with tempered glass sides, 1128W, 9.4Amps

Doors - 2

Dimensions: W: 18" x D: 22.63" x H: 27.5"


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