GREENIS Slow Juicer F-9900


GREENIS Slow Juicer F-9900

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Patented smallest AC induction motor for juicer in the world!
* Compact model, taking up less space in kitchen
* Fine screen & blank screen for different purpose
* All-in-One squeezing system, easy to assemble & disassemble
* Juice purer than ever before perfect quality, reliability and sustainability.

• More juice, more nutritional value. 
• Extremely low-noise operation. 
• Continuous Extraction System. 
• Self-cleaning. 
• User-friendly. 
• Stable and powerful AC motor
• 65 rpm. 
• PEI/ULTEM screw and strainer.
• TRITIUM juicing drum and spill tray

The juice is extracted by crushing the first stage and again in the pressing phase before eject the pulp , which means more juice and incredibly dry pulp .

The low-speed juicer (SLOW JUICER)is a juice extractor that uses the system low-speed technology to extract the juices . It's called " Slow Juicer " because it operates at only 65 rpm and uses only 150 watts of power , instead of from 1.000 to 24.000 RPM and up to 1500 watts of energy, like a juicer "high speed " typical centrifuge.

But do not be fooled by the name . The low speed juicer is actually faster than other juicers juices and juice expels much the same foods most typical , with drier pulp . The extraction method is by pressing, using the worm - mortar as such . Crushing action and hit the food, and the release of enzymes and nutrients deep . Fracture also occurs more of phytonutrients , resulting in richer color juice , which retains more vitamins and minerals . Low rpm ensures that the cellular structure of the fruit and vegetables are kept intact , eliminating oxidation and separation. Therefore, preserves the enzymes and nutrients that are closest to their natural form as well as the delicious flavor of your food .

Silence-Minimize noise rather slowly pressing high speed milling.

Healthy-Slow Juicer extracts maximum flavor and nutrients of any fruit or vegetable, without altering the natural properties thereof.

Easy to clean-Simply rinse with water between uses without removing it . It is also easily removable for final cleaning.

Economic performance / Superior-It extracts the most juice using less food , helps save on grocery bills and energy .

Versatile Juice-Not only is valid for fruit juices , vegetables , leafy greens and wheatgrass , but also for juices nuts .

Kid-friendly-No sharp blades and has highly effective security features .

Greenis provides a 10-year warranty on the motor 
and a 2-year warranty on the parts.

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