SQ3 Chocolate Fountain

SQ3 Chocolate Fountain

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304 Grade Polish Stainless steel
• Unique modern Design
• Removable Bowl with new lock system
• Controls for temperature and power
• Easy removable bearing housing
• Controls for temperature and power
• Stylish feet
• New Tier positioning system with 3 tiers and top hat
• Works on minimum of 8Kg Maximum 15Kg chocolate
• Built in Safety system
• Ideal for Buffets, Fruit & Waffle dipping
and Parties of up to 300 people .

Total height: 1076 mm

Height of top section: 680 mm

Width of drum: 367 mm

Height of drum: 396 mm

Width of basin: 495 mm

Weight: 27.3 kg

Electrical: 110 / 230V | 60 / 50Hz | 500W

Comes standard Height 43” or 1076mm
Extension piece 5’’ or 123 mm included
Total Height of SQ3 without extension: 1076mm


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