Automatic pasta cooker 20L

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Automatic pasta cooker 20L .

PASTAPRONTA: the quality of the restaurant without a kitchen

Cooker automatic counter pasta PastaPronta CP4 4.1 kilowatts L. mono 20 PASTA PRONTA is a counter paste cooker that allows you to prepare excellent pasta dishes of equal quality to the restaurant without need of a stove or a hood and a minimum of space.

PASTAPRONTA is particularly suitable for pasta or frozen precooked who are preparing in 1 minute.
The pasta cooker has 4 baskets automatic uprising that enable high productivity. Maximum of 2 servings per cart (ie 250 g of dry pasta per basket). 
The hot sauces practice incorporated in the device allows for 4 different types always ready at the appropriate temperature sauces. 
On the day, allows Pastapronta serve pasta at all hours. water is kept at a temperature of 99 ° C. 
After placing the pasta in the baskets and selected cooking (using button) Pastapronta automatically back baskets boiling water when finished cooking (cooking time is set by cart). The pasta is then ready to be poured into a container. 
Possibility to cook in one, two, three or four baskets simultaneously. 
For hygiene and ease of cleaning up all the parts in contact with food are extractable in an instant.

Technical Note for use in a mountain restaurant:
For use of the automatic pasta cooker PastaPronta CP4 in a mountain restaurant ski resort, it is necessary to adjust the temperature of water boiling set to avoid an error: too hot. Example to 1600 m above sea level it will reduce the set temperature to 94 ° C. To do: turn the power on black button 0-1. The keyboard should be off in standby position. Press in the third column (C) buttons 1 and 4 simultaneously for 2 seconds. The unit returns to programming mode. The first parameter displayed is the temperature T ° 97 ° C by default. Lower the T ° to 94 ° C using the arrow key. To confirm and validate press Time set (clock).94 ° C is to be displayed in fixed (not flashing) for a few seconds.


  • External dimensions (cm) 69x51x63 cm
  • Gross Weight (kg) 41 kg
  • Number of baskets 4
  • Working temperature (° C) 0 to 100 ° C
  • Total power (kW) 4.1 kilowatts (3.5 kW for water)
  • Net weight (kg) 39 kg
  • Capacity (L) 20 L
  • Capacity per basket 250g / cart
  • Power supply (V) 230 V / 50 Hz



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