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Introducing the Next Revolution in Commercial Cooking...Ovention Matchbox Ovens

Ovention ovens are small footprint ovens that allow you to cook a broad menu of high quality items (at varying temps), quickly, and without a hood! What more can you want? These ovens use Precision Impingement technology allowing the cook times, independent blower speeds and temperature to flex for each item for an ideal cook. You have the simplicity of conveyor cooking with the benefit of up to 1000 unique cook settings that can vary up to 50 degrees higher or lower from cook to cook.

Each Matchbox Oven has 2 cooking surfaces controlled by a dedicated touchpad display that can be loaded with up to 1000 different menu items each with its own unique cook settings. Label your menu item whatever makes the most sense for you and your staff – in either English or Spanish.

Team training is now faster too. Simply place your food on the open cook surface, select the corresponding item on the pre-programmed touchpad and watch the Ovention Oven do all the work. It's so compelling that we've been told it's "commercial cooking theater."

Features include:

Ultimate Temperature Control - FlexTemp technology allows the user to confidently cook a broad range of products. FlexTemp can increase or decrease temperature by up to 50 degrees from one item to the next. (No need to wait for the oven to cool down!) Cook one item at 480, the next at 450 and the next at 500 - all in a matter of seconds!

Superior Cooking - Programmable touchpads allow you to pre-program precise cook settings for more than 1000 items! Each setting specifies cook time, cook temperature and heat transfer profile, making it possible for each item to be prepared so that it looks and tastes its very best.

Low Operator Costs - Ovention ovens are CE Certified ventless saving £7000 - £10,000 in hood/build out costs. Ovention ovens closed cooking system uses 1/3 less energy than traditional countertop ovens. Ovention ovens custom cook settings drive up to 30% better yield than traditional conveyor ovens.

RapidLoad technology - Ovention's RapidLoad technology with easy-to-use touchpads and stepper motor automation moves food into the oven cavity in under 3 seconds so that your food can begin cooking immediately. Once the items are inside, fully customizable cook settings and Precision Impingement™ technology allows for cook times that are typically over 50% faster than conveyor ovens. RapidLoad™ automatically seals the cavity to maximize internal cook temperature efficiency and minimize heat loss.

No Hood Required! - Install anywhere, since Ovention's unique closed cooking system meets certification for ventless operation.

The Matchbox 1313 has all the same features as the 1718 oven but with a smaller footprint (50" x 29".)


Ship Weight

251 lbs



Dimensions (H x W x D)

20.25" x 61.75" x 34.5"

Interior Dimensions (H x W x D)

(2) @ 17" x 18" cook platforms



Product Finish

Stainless Steel

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