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Mussana Boy-4 litre
Whipped cream machines of the latest generation. Their bodies completely made of stainless steel grant the highest hygiene standards. The inner tank is cooled to keep the cream at the preservation temperature ready to be whipped.
Special pump to allow the whipping up of both vegetable and animal cream. The cream packaging can be directly connected to the pump to keep the cream cold (bain-marie) and to not dirty the tank..
  • Whipped Cream is always at the proper temperature
  • Highest hygiene standards
  • Proper volume whipped cream
  • Easy setting of cream volume overrun in a range from 1 to 8, accordingly to its final use
  • Less air for your Mousses, Bavarian creams and so on....
  • Much more air for your decorations and stuffings
  • Direct connection to the sac à poche bag available
Mussana's Boy Cream machine can hold up to 4 litres of cream and can whip up to 90 litres of cream per hour.

Manfactured in hygienic stainless steel, the Boy Cream Machine features a fully insulated intensive cooling system which ensures crem remains chilled throughout the whole process.

The Boy Cream Machine is suitable to be used for bagin box systems which saves costs , time and keeps the machine clean.

Can whip up to 90 litres of cream per hour

— Standard portioning system using sensors - fully adjustable

— Fully insulated intensive cooling system

— Small footprint which fits in most environments

— Quick and simple to use

— Features double mixing rollers for increased productivity

— Fully electronic temperature contol

Easy to clean with flush filling

— Includes detachable V2A standard stainless steel container

— Can hold up to 4 litres of cream

— Suitable for bag-in-box connection - saves time and money

— DIN-tested according to DIN 10507 (Food Hygiene) .

Specifications  Boy
Height (mm) 440
Depth (mm) 470
Width (mm) 270
Weight (kg) 36
Capacity (litre) 4
Power Supply 230v, 50Hz



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