The Ice N Roll Machine with 15KG Cream & Sorbet Mix

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The Ice N Roll Machine with 15KG Cream & Sorbet Mix

The Ice N Roll Machine offers a new way to serve ice cream, instantly create a delicious dessert in front of your customers. It does not only make soft ice cream but refined foods to impress customers such as Fruit Sorbets, Wine and cocktails. Plus, you do not need to worry about training staff as this machine is easy to use and no expertise is required. 

Use your imagination to create new recipes and flavours that set you apart from your competitors!  

The new Ice N Roll Machine offers customers a unique experience. Not only can you create delicious Ice Cream and sorbets from it, but the customer can watch how it is made. It does not just stop at ice creams and sorbets, you can try Coffees and Cocktails and whatever you imagination can think of! 

It allows you to freeze your ice cream mix in seconds and then you can add your flavours such as Oreos, chocolate chips, sprinkles, fresh fruit and more! 

 Check out the video above to see how easy the Ice N Roll is to use. 


The Ice N Roll is equipped with a plate which maintains a -20 degree temperature which freezes the mix in just 30 seconds. In that time, add the toppings on to the mixture, and then simply scrape off the surface into a soft and fluffy roll, it’s as simple as that!

The Mixes:

There are two powder bases which you just add water or milk to, which are Sorbet and Cream. Each KG bag can make up to 30 portions, which is around 30p per portion.

As cold as ice, as soft as snow

  • A Freezing plate which maintains 20 Degrees below Zero temperature
  • Capct size and can be place on a counter top
  • Easy to use, no expertise required
  • Creates delicious ice cream inup to 30 seconds
  • Fast defrost for cleaning purposes
  • Perfect to make your company unique
  • Adds to your customers dining experience
  • Includes Plate rolling equipment
  • Made in Italy
  • Standard System: 

    Height mm: 213/289

    Width mm: 1000

    Depth mm: 610

    Power KW: 0,8

    Supply V/Hz: 230-50

  • App

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