Blendtec Total Blender Red With Large Jug

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1500 Watt / 3 Horse Power Peak Commercial Grade Direct Drive Motor 
• Wipe-Clean, Waterproof, Smart Touch Control Panel
• Comprehensive Recipe Book Included


The Total Blender offers all the same functionality as the VitaMix, along with the additional features of sophisticated pre-programmed cycles accessed through a Smart-Touch™ control panel that makes it even easier to use and clean. Read on…

The Blendtec Total Blender gives you total control of all your favourite recipes at the push of a single button on the wipe-clean waterproof keypad. Pre-programmed computerised control allows you to select the correct blending cycle for whole juice*, smoothies, ice cream, sauces, crushed ice, dressings, frozen yogurts, ice cream and more. During the cycle the blender automatically ramps the speed up and down to ensure perfect, consistent results every time. One touch of a button and the intelligent Smart-Touch™ technology means you can just stand back let the Total Blender look after itself.

If you want to fine-tune your blending tasks and take manual control of how the blender operates, this is equally easy to do. Simply select the desired blending speed with the speed up/speed down buttons and release the button once the desired speed is reached. The blender will then run at the desired setting for 50 seconds, unless you stop it by pushing any one of the buttons on the lower row (most tasks are complete in less than 50 seconds). There is also a pulse key for delivering power in short bursts – the motor stops when you take your finger off the button.

Frozen fruit smoothies are packed with nutrition and hitting the ‘smoothie’ button on the Total makes these delicious drinks in seconds. The square jug creates a vortex that eliminates the need for pushing and poking the ingredients around with a smoothie stick through the lid, or stopping intermittently to use a spatula to scrape ingredients back towards the blade. Raw food enthusiasts know the benefits of preserving the nutrition that is lost in cooked foods. With the Total Blender you can make instant hot soup from raw ingredients in a few minutes without boiling away the goodness! There is a comprehensive recipe book included with delicious suggestions for use in the healthy kitchen.

Nut butters, batters, soups, salsas, frozen fruit ice creams, baby foods, nut milks and more are just seconds away with this powerful and versatile machine, eliminating the need for separate appliances for these tasks. Grind grains and pulses to make meals and flours instantly. Add some more ingredients to the nutritious, freshly-milled flour and the arduous task of making dough is over in just a few minutes, with no mess and no need to knead! The waterproof wipe-clean Smart-Touch™ control pad means no difficult to clean fiddly bits where blending goo can accumulate! To clean the jug and the blade assembly, simply whizz up some soapy water inside it when you have finished.

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