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Igf Fornitalia

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IGF Italstampi, Giancarlo Fabbri was born in 1976, developing its activities
in production of precision mechanics. Taking advantage of the "know how" so
acquired, IGF began designing and manufacturing food processing machines, activities that take
preponderant size within the company. In 1994, members of the company by the same IGF
Italstampi, born Fornitalia offering a wide choice in electric ovens
low. Fornitalia is a company with a great tradition behind it: the birth experience
gained control of the heat, whose natural evolution has led to
design and manufacture of pizza ovens.


The production flexibility, careful study design and updating
continuous technological knowledge are qualities on which the entrepreneur native
Novafeltria, in the hinterland of Rimini, has always insisted. Objective: not to stop at
maximization of sales, but create a service network capable of following
with the customer care in all its needs.

The Market

Giancarlo Fabbri today can claim to have created a true industry group
whose experience is measured in decades, with a broad sales network extends
outside Italy as in America, Africa, Asia and Australia, while the turnover amounted
millions of euros. "Those who work deserve the best" is the slogan carried out by the entrepreneur
who has always wanted to be satisfied with its products in Italy and all countries who love
The quality cuisine.


The production and IGF Italstampi Fornitalia uses in making
point of various metals, advanced technology and rigorous that is accompanied by a
Constant Quality, Strength and Security, a guarantee of reliability. Our production
(Fabbri Giancarlo says) does not make the simple machines, but reliable business partner
and accurate. Their task is to provide superior performance, which, translated into terms
concrete, mean best pizza and pastry products, saving time and
space, more money!

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Esmach to VinNatur

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Villa La Favorita (Sarego, Vicenza) will host 5 to 7 April the 11th edition of VinNatur, salon of natural wines that brings together the leading manufacturers in this field.

Considered the most important event dedicated to natural wines in Europe, VinNatur is a meeting space for 140 growers from 8 countries , which in the three-day event will present to the audience of fans and buyers in over 600 wines - to taste and buy .

By definition, natural wine comes from a processing method which excludes the use of chemical additives and provide the fewest number possible of human intervention . The goal of the show is to spread a culture of natural wine from knowledge of the terroir , the production techniques in the vineyard and in the winery, the experiences of individual producers.

The salon will be an opportunity to explore the food pairings offered by selected artisans . The common denominator? An approach based on naturalness, careful selection of raw materials and the continuous search for balance nutrition.

For the second year, also renews its partnership with Esmach VinNatur , setting up a laboratory that will churn out a continuous cycle baking fresh bread to accompany the wine tasting.

The best of the white, then, in a dialogue between viticulture and natural bread that is built on the principles of quality and naturalness , without renouncing to a continuous search for innovation.

Thanks to the direction of Stefano Bongiovanni and Stefano De Lorenzi, EsmachLab will give visitors a taste of the best dishes made ​​by Esmach , studied carefully to match the wines, in different times of the day. Two masters of baking and cooking, respectively, which will create an interesting combination of bread and wine in a sustainable, ness, quality and passion.

" Bread to bread, wine to wine "is a saying that indicates transparency of thought and action: transparent is also the attitude that more and more is expected of those who bear - directly or indirectly - the food on our tables.

From simple supplier to ambassadors of culture and values ​​, therefore: is the passage that the stars of the food world are experiencing predominantly. To make a difference, to position itself as excellence, it is essential to convey a message: machinery and technology are no longer just tools, but gears of a cultural system that needs to be shared and spread.

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ESMACH S.p.A. has been serving the baking industry for more than 40 years with the best mixers, moulders, dividers, dough retarders and retarder proofer, ovens for Bakeries, Pastry Shops and Pizza Restaurants.

The history of ESMACH S.p.A. began early in the 70s as Esperia Macchine, a creative and manufacturing company proposing bread-making solutions. The first appliances were the spiral mixer and the volumetric divider; both machines became soon a real technological innovation in the bakery field and represented an added value for the company activity and a milestone both for customers and competitors. In the 80s the company name was changed from Esperia Macchine into Esmach to enable a further development on international markets after achieving successful results through the sale of bread-making industrial lines, where Esmach was told to be the first “Italian pioneer”. Esmach’s innovative drive, its widespread presence in the markets, and the calibre of its human and technical team have contributed to the remarkable expansion of Bongard SA in Italy since the early 90s. It is in this period that the baking equipment specialist Bongard, a long-established and acknowledged leader in France, selected Esmach as a reliable partner in order to develop its share in the Italian market and entered a cross-distribution agreement.

Our Philosophy

"Staying one step ahead”, that is being proactive in a fast changing world.
ESMACH embraces all facets of this context. The Yin and Yang, cold and heat, rotation, wholeness, balance, life, comprehensive solutions. Our logo is evocative and ancient. It is inspired by the Asian symbolism of the Yin and Yang, yet it is interpreted in a modern way. It means addressing challenges with dynamism, through the encirclement and "global" movement of the two aforesaid energies. It graphically symbolizes the circular movement of the mixers, and of the of fluids and solids in it. It implies strong behavioral values and our company’s objectives. It states the efficiency of our machines and their ability to prevent changes in the characteristics of the ingredients used. It displays the determination and the responsiveness of our staff.
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