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Even if you don’t need a ton of ice, you can still make a large impact with your customers. 
The KOLD-DRAFT GT360 Impact Series produces up to 321 lbs. of KOLD-DRAFT’s 
exclusive “square cube,” known for its perfect shape, purity, hardness, and slower melt rate. 
That means it not only looks better, but also lasts longer in storage bins, cocktail sinks, 
drinks, salad bars, bags, and coolers. And KOLD-DRAFT equipment offers some of the best 
recovery rates in the industry. You get more ice, more often.
KOLD-DRAFT ice machines feature a unique “upside-down” horizontal evaporator and 
water plate assembly. As water is sprayed upward into the evaporator cells, the pure water 
freezes first while particulates and air are forced out and dumped at the end of each cycle. 
This leaves only perfect crystal-clear cubes, nearly as pure as distilled water.
The GT360 Series’ rugged unibody construction and time-proven design ensure reliable 
operation, greater water efficiency, and maximum ice-making capacity. Plus, they are energy 
efficient, using environmentally friendly R-404A refrigerant
Liquid Cooled, Kublet
30" x 25-5/8 x 17


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