TekVac Compact TVA310D2 with Sensor

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TekVac Compact TVA310D2 with Sensor


The immersion thermostat is a laboratory tool that moved to the kitchen because of its exactness, but it still presents some inconveniences for the chef. Since food is placed in the water, it should be vacuum sealed so that its organoleptic properties and qualities remain intact. If the food were to have direct contact with the water, it would lose part of its flavor, and the resulting texture would look like a boiled product. Some inconveniences of working with water and the immersion thermostat include constant dripping when the bags are taken out and transported, water evaporation from the basin during cooking, and the resulting humidity in the room. Another disadvantage is that the water in the basin is not the same temperature throughout; for example, the water is hotter nearer the immersion thermostat than it is on the sides of the basin. All these problems can be avoided with the TekTherm Compact appliance, since it produces cooking that is just as exact but without the sous-vide bag.

Vacuum packing bell that incorporates the most advanced technology available. Conceived 
and designed in collaboration with chefs forefront in implementing cooking techniques and management systems.

With TekVac you can do a perfect vacuum packaging, with all guarantees of sealing. 
Vacuum packaging allows for cooking and / or keeping food within the vacuum bag thanks to the absence of oxygen. We avoid bacterial growth and obtain greater food security.

Reduce maintenance costs, repairs and energy consumption of your packaging with the new patent IVAC (Intelligent 
Vacuum). This patent allows packaging TekVac make an intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the packaging optimum vacuum for each product. IVAC is ideal for packaging liquid foods moist and porous foods. 
IVAC allows a packaged without supervision and optimize the cycle time of packaging.

Multiple uses

In the low-temperature kitchen, TekTherm Compact has multiple uses besides sous-vide cooking:

  • Sous-vide cooking: as precise as an immersion thermostat but more convenient (without the inconvenience of water) and uniform, less energy consumption, and optimization of kitchen space.
  • Low-temperature cooking: low temperature cooking with or without vacuum-sealed bags for uniform cooking results with 25% fewer reductions.
  • Dehydration:  work without steam and extract the humidity from the chamber.
  • Steamer: get the best results with seafood thanks to the latest steam technology and TSC precision.
  • Pasteurization: increase product shelf life up to 120%.
  • Fermentation: TSC precision allows this technique to be reproduced exactly in order to get controlled results.
  • Regeneration: this technique requires exact temperature precision to prevent the food from being overcooked. TSC precision and its humidity control allows precooked food to maintain its juiciness and freshness.
  • Preservation: it is very important to precisely control the temperature and humidity to avoid drying out and alterting the properties of the food.

Methacrylate transparent cover high quality 
system of fixing the bag 
opening system of hidden lid 
hinges aluminum 
polyethylene plate to optimize the time 
and adjust the height of the product to be packaged 
without connections sealing bar 
system self-calibration machine 
only for sensor models

Made of stainless steel AISI 304 18/10. 
Removable bar solder connections. 
Chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning. 
polyethylene plate inside that increases the speed of 
vacuum and regulates the working height. 
intuitive Panel: Display all steps of 
Double welding 2x4 mm. 
Vacuum pump BUSCH (indicated models). 
Technology IVAC for packaging liquids. 
Autoclean Oil, oil cleaning system. 
Soft Air, progressive air inlet for better adaptability 
bag the product to be packaged. 
Vac +, additional vacuum time to force out air 
inside the porous food. 
calibration system. 
Memory of 99 programs.

High Dim.: 352 mm.
Width Dim.: 430 mm.
Fund Dim.: 461 mm.
Dim Interior Width 330 mm.
Interior Dim Fund 330 mm.
Dim Interior Alto 90 mm.
Cap. Bomb: DVP 6 m3 / hour
Welding length: 310 mm
Sealing bars: 1
Tension / Frequency: 230/1/50 V / N / Hz
Power: 0.25W



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