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DOUBLE BASIN MASTERFRY: Up to 3 kg of product at a time, with no fumes and vapours in the room!

Twin basin MASTERFRY appliances are amongst the most powerful Eurochef deep fryers, perfect for conventional and self-service restaurants, pizzerias, and take-away and fast food outlets
They can produce up to 3 kg of product at a time.

These appliances are designed to deliver high production rates, ideal for businesses that have high workloads concentrated in just a few hours. 
They can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, even at some distance from the extractor hood.

Unlike conventional well deep fryers,they do not emit fumes or vapours into the room.

They are enclosed and fitted with extractor fans and a pipe for connection to the hood (even at a distance), or directly outside the working environment.
These appliances’ electronics mean there is no need to switch the fume extraction system on and off by hand; the electronic thermoregulator starts and stops it automatically.
Double basin MASTERFRY deep fryers are available in 2 different models.

The model FA2 is a high-power appliance able to cook up to 3 kg of product at a time, with two independent 13 litre basins.

One or both basins can be operated.

MASTERFRY FA2 is the ideal appliance for chefs who think big!

The model FA3 is a smaller appliance but has similar technical features; it cooks up to 2 kg of product at a time, 1 kg per basin.  Here again, the two basins are independent and one or both can be operated.

MASTERFRY series deep fryers are patented!

They are Italian appliances and they really build them themselves

There are no limits with MASTERFRY: you can fry large amounts of any type of product.


Those who want a clean, convenient kitchen, with no fumes and vapours invading the working space. 
These appliances have been created to serve chefs’ needs.  
The Eurochef engineers have designed them down to the tiniest detail to cover the requirements of the modern kitchen. 
Because to design and build appliances, first and foremost you must know the locations where they will be used and the needs of the people who work there.

Specifications MasterFry FA2  
Charging quantity 1,5 kg + 1,5 kg  
Oil capacity 13 liters + 13 liters   
Power supply * 380 /400 V - 50/60 Hz  
Heating power* 8.1 kW each element  
Total power* 16.5 kW  
Dimensions width 76cm, depth 86cm, height 72cm  

Minimum diameter of the hole for exhaust pipe

98 mm  
Weight 55 kg  

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