French Fries Cutter Model CF-5 10x10

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French Fries Cutter Model CF-5 10x10

Clean and uniform cut, without breaks or waste
• French fries disc 10 x 10 mm included
• Provides optimum performance with little effort, thanks to the longer lever
• Comfortable use: The springs are located at the rear and leave the grille completely free
• The springs are very flexible expansion joints which lift the ejection press .
• Suction pads for attaching the device to the holder
• Easy cleaning
• Dimensions: W 280 x D 512 x H 735 mm
• Weight: 4,3 kg

• 8 x 8 mm and 12 x 12 mm french fries disc available separately
• 8 x 8 mm (Order No.: 28-1520)
• 12 x 12 mm (Order No.: 28-1522)

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