Spiral kneading machines, multifunctional mixer

Spiral kneading machines, multifunctional mixer

GF was created and developed on the basis of an advanced know-how to design and industrialization, through which is positioned at the top of its market benchmark for quality and reliability of constructs used, thanks to advanced technical solutions. Today,the company's experience, has become a true industrial group, is measured in decades

The original division, which specializes in machines for the white art, has for years joinedthe Division Fornitalia, with its production units, creator of un'avanzatissima generation of electric conventional ovens Professional, which is facing a growing market success.

In Italy and the Netherlands who love quality Italian cuisine, today as yesterday, the Decalogue of engineers and technicians and IGF Fornitalia is very straightforward: keepteconologie constantly advanced, shelter any compromise on quality components,ensuring highest level of robustness, security, reliability.

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