Camurri coffee, tea, hot chocolate

Camurri coffee, tea, hot chocolate
Camurri Brevetti: Quality of a brand

For over than 40 years, Camurri has been a market leader in the production of machines for preparing filter coffeeand tea, hot chocolate makers, thermal and bain-marie containers, hot water and steam producers and beverage dispenser trolleys.

An important referential brand in Ho.Re.Ca. field, Camurri always promotes “Made in Italy” tradition and engages in respecting high working and ethical standards, working with accuracy and responsibility.

We design and produce customizations of equipment to satisfy customers’ requests.

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Chocolate Maker CC.5
£1,368.00 *
Chocolate Maker CC.10
£1,756.00 *
Frozen Camurri CFC.10
£1,910.83 *
Bain-marie BMT.10
£4,522.50 *
Bain-marie BMT.20
£6,155.00 *
Bain-marie BMT.5
£3,568.33 *
Dispenser Unit GC.10
£7,055.83 *
Dispenser Unit GC.5
£6,530.83 *
Hotel Unit GAE.C.9
£7,165.00 *
Steam maker VB
£1,970.00 *
Coffee machine TC.3
£3,450.00 *
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