Kold Draft Commercial Ice Machines

Kold Draft Commercial Ice Machines

Since 1955, KOLD-DRAFT® has been manufacturingcommercial ice machines that produce the best ice in the world. KOLD-DRAFT's exclusive "upside-down" horizontal evaporator ice-making system produces pure, solid, sparkling ice that cools faster, melts slower, and doesn’t distort the taste of beverages.

KOLD-DRAFT features a wide range of commercial ice machines, ice bins, ice crushers, and ice dispensers capable of producing from 300 to 2,400 pounds of pure ice per day. Each ice system can be configured to produce full cubes or half cubes. KOLD-DRAFT equipment makes pure ice cubes in two sizes as well as crushed ice to fill any need for hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, and other institutions.

Why we are the leading innovator in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

KOLD-DRAFT’S industry-leading design saves you money. Many of our competitors’ ice makers are designed with vertical evaporators, which tend to freeze impurities into the ice. These same impurities coat the evaporator and clog the ports that pump the water. These designs require frequent cleaning of the ice machine or maintenance of self-cleaning systems.

Our commercial ice machines are engineered to be self-cleaning and produce clear ice that is free from impurities. As water is sprayed upward into the evaporator cells, the pure water freezes first while particulates and air are forced out and dumped at the end of each cycle. This leaves only pure water frozen into crystal-clear KOLD-DRAFT cubes.

  • 99.9% pure ice
  • Slowest-melting ice cube on the market
  • Chills evenly and melts slowly

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