Barbecue M80

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Barbecue M80

The BBQ-M80 Charcoal Grill is an excellent piece of professional equipment as it comes with meat tongs, poker and one stainless steel ribbed grill that is hinged and removable through a system of rotation. The BBQ is made from cast steel and fully insulated to save energy. This item has a brazier elevation system, which allows greater control of the intensity of the grill at all times. Other features of the  BBQ include an ash drawer at the bottom and it has a fat collector at the front meaning you can keep your  BBQ spotlessly clean.

The BBQ-M80 Charcoal Grill is a remarkable item Ideal for any kitchen this floor standing charcoal grill will give your steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables etc. that authentic BBQ flavor. The e BBQ works well with charcoal, coconut charcoal or firewood, comes fitted with nylon wheels.

  • 100 people
  • Interior built in cast steel
  • Fully insulated to save consumption and avoid the emission of heat to the outside
  • Folding and removable grills for easy cleaning
  • Grit elevation system that allows to control the intensity of the ember
  • Works with any kind of charcoal, we recommend our coconut shell charcoal for its high performance and long life
  • Removable front grease trap
  • Removable ash collection drawer at the bottom .
  • Nylon Wheels
  • Equipped with 2 grooved stainless steel grills, clamp and charcoal
  • 800x820x930 LXWXH

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