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Company profile

Company profile


IGF Italstampi, Giancarlo Fabbri, born in 1976, developing its activities 
in the field of construction of precision mechanics. Leveraging the "know how" so 
acquired, IGF begins to design and produce food machinery, activities that take 
dimensions predominant within the company. In 1994, by the shareholders of the company IGF 
Italstampi, born Fornitalia that offers a wide choice in the field of electric furnaces 
with low consumption. Fornitalia is a company with a large tradition behind it: born from the experience 
gained in the control of heat, whose natural evolution has led to the 
design and manufacture of pizza ovens.

the Mission

Production flexibility, careful study design and updating 
continuous technological knowledge are qualities on which the entrepreneur native 
of Novafeltria, in the hinterland of Rimini, has always insisted. Goal: do not stop at the 
maximization of sales but to create a service network able to follow 
carefully the customer in all its needs.

The market

Giancarlo Fabbri today can claim to have created a true industrial group 
whose experience is measured in decades, whose extensive business network extends 
outside of Italy in America, Africa, Asia and Australia, while the turnover amounted 
to millions of euros. "Those who work deserve the best" is the slogan carried out by the entrepreneur 
who has always wanted to please with its products Italy and all countries who love 
quality cuisine.

production .

The production and IGF Italstampi Fornitalia uses in making 
point of different metals, advanced technology and strict which is accompanied by a 
constant quality, robustness and security, a guarantee of reliability. Our production 
(says Giancarlo Fabbri) does not make simple machines but partners working reliable 
and accurate. Their task is to provide superior performance which, translated into terms 
concrete, mean best pizza and pastry products, saving time and 
space, more money!

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