Dual Jet Hand Dryer AK2030

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Dual Jet Hand Dryer AK2030

Applications: Airports, Bars, Cinema/Theatre, extreme use (501 to 1000 uses per day), Gym, Healthcare, Hotel, Museum, Office, Restaurant, University
Coming with an extended 5 Year guarantee, the Dual Jet Hand Dryer is a very modern dual ‘blade’ airflow hand dryer which is built on the same principals of quiet operation and integrated UV-C and HEPA air filtration as the original ‘hands under’ Stealthforce.  This unit is very energy efficient, using an intelligent heat system to minimise the use of unnecessary power.  The intelligent system will add heat to the airflow, if it senses that the washroom is colder than 24C, creating a more comfortable feeling on the hands in cold environments.  There is the option of 2 motor speeds to further save energy consumption.
  • A long lasting brushless motor - able to comfortably withstand over 500 uses per day
  • Fast dry time of 16 seconds (strict in house testing). 50% quieter than most blade dryers
  • Enhanced hygienic properties as standard - HEPA filter included with an integrated UV-C tube
  • Unique water collection system – excess water ends up in a tray that is easily drained. Maximising health and safety with no water on the floor, no slip hazard and improving cleanliness with no mess.
  • Speed of motor is manually adjustable hand dryer; allows noise and energy levels to be customised to your own requirements.
  • Intelligent heating system keeps energy costs to a minimum – automatically adds heat to the airflow if the sensor detects the washroom is below 24C, therefore aiding drying efficiency and comfort on the hands in cold environments
  • Peace of mind guarantee – 5 years
  • This unit will cost around 40p per 1000 dries in eco mode.
  • Save time and money if something does go wrong or when a service is due - self-diagnosis function where errors and servicing needs are reported on screen for ease of fault finding and maintenance
  • A very nice looking unit, enhanced by the ‘blue dry zone’ suitable for contemporary locations. The dimensions are H700 × W300 × D215mm
  • CE and RoHs approved
  • IPX4
  • Electrical Supply Voltage 230-240 Volts
    Electrical Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Standby Power Consumption <2 Watts
    Performance Expected Motor Life 2000 Hours
    Dry Time (max setting) 16 Seconds
    Dry Time (min setting) 16 Seconds
    Dry Time Notes in house testing showed 16 second dry time at min setting
    Digital Brushless Motor  
    Motor Speed (max setting) 20000 RPM
    Air Speed (max setting) 213 MPH
    Operating Temperature Range 24 - 40 °C
    Heater Element Power 900 Watts
    Motor Cutoff Time 30 Seconds
    Motor Class Class 1
    Rated Power Rated Power (max settings) 1650 Watts
    Rated Power (min settings) 750 Watts
    Rated Power Notes This unit has an intelligent heating system which will only add heat to the airflow if the temperature of the room is <24°C
    Energy Per Dry (max setting) 7.33 Watts
    Energy Per Dry (min setting) 3.33 Watts
    Energy Per Dry Notes Min setting based on in house dry time and no heat
    Noise Operating Sound Level (max setting) 70-75 (manufacturer stated) dB
    Sound Level Notes As yet this has not been independently tested to verify dB
    Sensor Sensor type IR Self-adjusting
    Guarantee 5 Years  
    Construction Materials ABS
    Net Weight 9.5 kg
    Packed Weight 11 kg
    Finishes White ABS  
    Grey / Silver ABS  
    Electrical & Safety IP rating IPX4
    Dimensions Product Height 700 mm
    Product Width 300 mm
    Product Depth 215 mm
    Packaging Height 745 mm
    Packaging Width 355 mm
    Packaging Depth 273 mm
    Mounting Instructions Men 1050 mm
    Women 975 mm
    Children 4-7 Years 875 mm
    Children 7-10 Years 875 mm
    Children 10-13 Years 875 mm
    Children 13-17 Years 875 mm
    Disabled 875 mm
    Certification CE  
    Replaceable Features HEPA Filter  
    UVC Tube

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