Coffee machine TC.3

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Coffee machine TC.3

The TERMORAPID Coffee Machine allows you to get a good Italian traditional coffee or a good American coffee, bar, barley or other drink for Irish coffee in a short time , coffee cocktails, cold coffee, granite coffee at Sicilian, in an easy and fast way.


Equipped with removable water supply tank, complete with level and beverage indicator. 
Thanks to the patented patent filter Camurri, the natural product is valued and the taste and aroma are preserved perfectly for the duration of the service. 
It allows you to keep the beverage at a constant temperature for as long as you want by thermostatically adjusting the temperature. 
The special backpack tank can also be used to cool the beverage contained in the machine itself. 
Easy to use, allows direct distribution of the drink. To solve all the demands of a modern cafeteria service, where quality, quantity, time, staff and raw material are indispensable, without sacrificing aesthetics. 
For Bar - Cafeteria - American Bar - Pasticceria - Hotels - Restaurants - Self Service - Catering and Collective Services in general.

Completely made in 18/10 stainless steel. 
Manual power supply. 
Thermostatic temperature control. 
Automatic operation. 
It can also be supplied in the 24k gold version.

code model capacity no. of cups power



supply voltage water supply
001T012 TC.3 3 l 30 1.5 kw 230 V ~ MANUAL

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