Imperial IFS50OP-2 - Gas Two Fryer Filter System

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Imperial IFS50OP-2 - Gas Two Fryer Filter System - 50 Lb Each 

(Open Pot - Mechanical Controls - Stainless Steel: Fry Pot, Front and Sides - 260,000 Total Btu's - 31" Wide x 33-1/2" Deep )

Imperial IFS50OP-2 - Gas Two (2) Deep Fryers - with Filter System - 50 Lb Each - Open Pot - Mechanical Controls - 31" Wide 

Manual Control - with 200°F-400°F thermostat 

Open Fry Pot Design 
The open frypot design is very easy to clean. Its deep sloping bottom creates a cold zone beneath the heat source that traps small particles and holds them out of the fry zone. This keeps these particles from carbonizing - reducing flavor transfer and oil scorching - and increase the life of the cooking oil. 

Open Pot Burners 
The flame heats ceramic plates which are located outside of the frypot. The intense infra-red heat rapidly heats the stainless steel sides and the oil inside of the pot. 

Imperial IFS50OP-2 - Space Saver - Fryer Filter Features 
* 5.5 GPM roller pump speeds up filtering process. 
* Internally plumbed oil drain and return line. 
* Stainless steel filter pan has a unique design for maximum oil return. 
* Filter pan has positive latching to hold filter paper securely in place. 
* Pre-packaged filter system includes: - Two large nickel-plated wire mesh fry baskets 
per fryer. Vinyl coated basket handles are heat resistant - Stainless steel basket hanger - Stainless steel joiner strips - Swivel casters with brake - One-point connection rear manifold 
1-1/4" (32) dia. gas line 
* 11/4" (32) ball valve for quick draining. 
* Pre-packaged filter starter kit includes: - Filter paper - Clean-out rod - “L” shaped brush 

Filter Specifications 
Pump shall be a 5.5 GPM roller style. Electrical motor shall 
be 1/3 hp motor (115V - 60 HZ 1 ph) with 6.8 amp draw. Unit 
shall include a 3 prong 6' (1905) cord. 

Gas: 260,000 Total BTU's - 130,000 Per Fryer - One Point Connection with 1-1/4" Gas Inlet 
Electrical: 115 Volts, 6.8 Amps, 1/3 HP Motor, 3 Prong 6' Cord 
Dimension: 31" Wide x 33-1/2" Deep x 44-1/4" O.A. Height 
Warranty:  One Year Parts & Labor / Limited Warranty on Stainless Steel Frypot is 5 Years 

Imperial IFS50OP-2 - Fryer Filter System with Open Pot Design 



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