Imperial IFS50COP-2 - Gas Two Fryer Filter System

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Imperial IFS50COP-2 - Gas Two Fryer Filter System - 50 Lb Each 

(Open Pot - Computer Controls - Stainless Steel

Imperial IFS50COP-2 - Gas Two (2) Deep Fryers - with Filter System - 50 Lb Each - Open Pot - Computer Controls - 31" Wide 

Computer Controls - with (8) programmable cooking cycles with time and temperature controls and boil out mode

Open Fry Pot Design 
The open frypot design is very easy to clean. Its deep sloping bottom creates a cold zone beneath the heat source that traps small particles and holds them out of the fry zone. This keeps these particles from carbonizing - reducing flavor transfer and oil scorching - and increase the life of the cooking oil. 

Open Pot Burners 
The flame heats ceramic plates which are located outside of the frypot. The intense infra-red heat rapidly heats the stainless steel sides and the oil inside of the pot. 

Imperial IFS50COP-2 Fryer System - Fryer Filter Features: 
* 5.5 GPM roller pump speeds up filtering process. 
* Internally plumbed oil drain and return line. 
* Stainless steel filter pan has a unique design for maximum oil return. 
* Filter pan has positive latching to hold filter paper securely in place. 
* Pre-packaged filter system includes: - Two large nickel-plated wire mesh fry baskets 
per fryer. Vinyl coated basket handles are heat resistant - Stainless steel basket hanger - Stainless steel joiner strips - Swivel casters with brake - One-point connection rear manifold 
1-1/4" (32) dia. gas line 
* 11/4" (32) ball valve for quick draining. 
* Pre-packaged filter starter kit includes: - Filter paper - Clean-out rod - “L” shaped brush 

Filter Specifications 
Pump shall be a 5.5 GPM roller style. Electrical motor shall 
be 1/3 hp motor (115V - 60 HZ 1 ph) with 6.8 amp draw. Unit 
shall include a 3 prong 6' (1905) cord. 

Gas: 260,000 Total BTU's - 130,000 Per Fryer - One Point Connection with 1-1/4" Gas Inlet 
Electrical: 115 Volts, 6.8 Amps, 1/3 HP Motor, 3 Prong 6' Cord 
Dimension: 31" Wide x 33-1/2" Deep x 44-1/4" O.A. Height 
Warranty:  One Year Parts & Labor / Limited Warranty on Stainless Steel Frypot is 5 Years 

Imperial IFS50COP-2 Fryer System


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