Imperial ICFB-45 - Infrared Radiant Char-Broiler

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Imperial ICFB-45 - Infrared Radiant Char-Broiler - CrossFire 

(45" Wide Over-Fired - Top Searing Plate - 126,000 Btu's - Three Controls - with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand and Locking Front Casters - 45" Wide x 31-1/2" Deep x 54" Tall O.A. )

Imperial ICFB-45 - Infrared Radiant Char-Broiler - CrossFire - 45" Wide Over-Fired - Top Searing Plate 

Imperial ICFB-45 Features: 
• Top searing (griddle) plate seals in flavor and moisture. 
• Plate is 1/2" thick polished steel with a 4" stainless steel splash guard. 
• Intense infra-red radiant heat broiler finishes off the steaks. 
• Top mounted burners are cast iron with ceramic radiants. Each burner is rated at 42,000 BTU/hr. with independent controls and continuous pilots for instant ignition. 
• Ceramic radiants direct heat waves downward to penetrate the exposed surface of the meat. 
• Oven design creates the ideal combustion environment that maintains 1000° to 2500°F temperature of the radiants. 
• Meat is cooked entirely by radiation, no hot air or convection has contact with the meat. Meats experience minimal shrinkage while retaining juices, tenderness and flavor. 
• Easy-lift crank mechanism has “positive catch” locking with infinite adjustment range for grids. 
Minimum clearance is 2", maximum is 5". 
• Grease pan extends the full width of the broiler and removes for easy clean-ups. 
• Large front mounted grease trough catches grease from extended grids. Removes easily for cleaning. 
• Heavy duty stainless steel stand with locking front casters. 
• AGA and CGA design certified, NSF and CE listed. 

45"W x 31-1/2"D x 54" Tall O.A. 
Ship Wt. 638 Lbs. 

Manifold pressure is 5.0" W.C. for Nat. Gas or 10.0" for LP Gas. 
Manifold size 3/4" NPT. 
3/4" pressure regulator supplied. 
(3) Radiant Burners @ 42,000 BTU/Hr. per Burner 
126,000 Total BTUs 

One year parts and labour warranty.

A: The difference is the way in which the heat is transferred. Radiant refers to a tent shaped strip of metal covering the flame (burner) which inhibits flare-ups (no exposed flame) and radiates the heat toward the food product. Because there are no flare-ups it is much easier to have consistent cooking results.
Lava rock is a porous stone, positioned above the burners. The porous lava rock catches and holds the drippings which, when heated, create that delicious aroma associated with grilling food. The downside of lava rock is that since it is porous it releases the fat dripping onto the flame below causing flare-ups. Consequently, lava rock grilling requires more attention throughout the grilling process.

All measurements in ( ) are metric equivalents.
Crated Dimensions Broiler: 39" d x 31" h (991 x 787). Add 2 ½" (64) to Broiler width.
Crated Dimensions Stand: 34" d x 25" h (864 x 635). Add 2 ½" (64) to Broiler width.


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